A Personal Note: Stalking

August 24, 2022: This is not something that I want to mix up very much with my professional life, but it is probably a good idea to get a few things out in front of the world, as I have been (and continue to be) stalked by people I believe to be birth family and possibly also my adopted brother David since the late 90s when my adoptive (and also biological) father Ed Beier died, in McCalla, Alabama.

I don’t know if this considered incorrect speech in 21st-century America, but the truth is that he was a mean, snobbish, psychologically wounded and psychologically cruel German-American and I suspect that during the 1950s, in New England, he had somehow gotten involved with a really messed up Irish-American family who was not without its own cruel twists, as well as influence and money.

I was the result. Somehow Ed got custody of me at age three, and I think the birth family was so obsessive about me that everyone tried to use me as leverage on them.

I don’t know and it really won’t matter until I can get some investigators to look into it. The practical result was that no one told me anything about my background, and I grew up sort of as a Marilyn among the Munsters (cultural reference from those times).

This was aided by my own burial of memories of some traumatic events in childhood.

In the late 1970s, I got the heck out of that awful Beier family, screwed up big time out in the world on my own, but was helped and encouraged by the first authority figures I’d ever encountered who sincerely cared about me, and my life took a new and positive path that has borne much fruit ever since.

This is not a biography, but that setup is necessary for me to make the following points in public:

  1. I never went back to that Beier family after leaving it (actually, it broke up in a messy divorce; I orbited Ed at a distance but had nothing more to do with Marge and briefly made contact with David in the early 90s but locked him out for abuse of something I had trusted him with and have had nothing more to do with him since).
  2. I don’t know anything definite about the birth family except for what I’ve been able to infer from birth certificates. (Massachusetts lets you see your preadoption certificate.)
  3. My personal life has basically been hell since Ed died in the late 90s; I think these stalkers are the birth family and possibly also David, but they’re very good at stalking and I can prove nothing yet.
  4. I am socially isolated at the moment, as well as living on Social Security, but with the help of my New England backbone of granite, innate optimism, and solid practice of Theravada Buddhism, I’m okay and know that, despite those diehard Munsters, this Marilyn will eventually take her place in the wonderful state of Oregon as a happy, socially busy citizen and as a successful professional writer.
  5. I do need your help though. I think the stalkers are trying to avoid responsibility for their criminal actions — and hoping to solidify their control so they can dish out more abuse in the future — by making this out to be a “family affair.”

    It is not, and yet I have found a peculiar unwillingness in others to believe what I say when I have looked to outside sources for help. That is a classic stalker move, and it is very difficult to counter.

    It’s asking a lot, but if anyone has communicated with you in any way about me, saying things that don’t jive with what is mentioned above, please document it in a way that will convince an investigator to take my case — I’ve been to the police a few times and got nowhere — and contact me about it at bblegaloffensive2017@gmail.com dnevins360@gmail.com.

    I don’t care how true whatever they might be saying sounds. Test it yourself; or imagine me there, saying to these people, as I will say to them, if I can ever get them on the witness stand under oath: ” Who are you? What is your basis for intruding into my life?”

    People who really care about you are delighted to introduce themselves to you. People who have valid reasons to meet you aren’t afraid to show them and, if challenged, prove them.

    Just to sum up everything I’ve experienced from these stalkers over the last 2-1/2 decades, these people are not those people.

    And I want to get their names, expose their slander and other crimes, and put an end to this once and for all.

    This is not easy to do when faced with such hatred in such a cult family.

    They haven’t had custody of me since 1956, and I have healthcare affidavits on file in the 2020s that, while necessarily vague, hopefully will prevent them from regaining that custody if I get ill.

    But I’d much rather skip all this aggravation and grief, continue writing about wonderful things, enjoy my gray years as much as possible, and maybe, just maybe see a volcano erupt (a little).

    Thank you in advance for helping me get this stalking stopped, if you ever find yourself in a position to do that.

    I won’t respond to questions, business offers, or anything like that, but if you email me with anything solid, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Update, August 25, 2022: I couldn’t get into the legaloffensive account; please use dnevins360@gmail.com. To confirm it’s really me, that’s the account I use for YouTube videos on Hunga Tonga optical effects.